This conversion is a mobile office during the day and an adventure van at night, allowing you to explore all your outdoor endeavors. This layout allows you to move more freely inside the van and keep your canine companion comfortable with their own bed space.

This ADF Sprinters adventure van features a Tri-Max folding bed system that can be stored against the wall when not in use.
This ADF Sprinters adventure van has hand crafted maple butcher block counter tops that blend a beautiful sandy tone with natural wood texture. They are the ultimate pairing for this interior
This ADF Sprinters adventure van integrates head protection into the cabinets with these padded covers. The fabric surface works well to break up the hard surfaces of the van and present a more comforting feel
This ADF Sprinters adventure van includes a fully enclosed bathroom and shower.
This ADF Sprinters adventure van includes headliner mount l-track which has also been structurally reinforced to support a hammock or your surf board.
This ADF Sprinters adventure van has a Dometic flip top sink which converts this counter into a dual purpose space. Wash your large dishes or fold the top down and utilize the open space however you need

Mercedes Sprinter Chassis

  • 2020 Sprinter 144 2500 4×4- Pebble Gray

Exterior Features

  • ADF Standard Double Hoop aluminum roof rack with KC Highlights 50″ light bar
  • ADF side mount aluminum ladder
  • ADF Full Length aluminum running boards, both sides
  • LED perimeter lighting

Interior Features

  • Convenience center case with ruvati sink
  • Isotherm Cruise 85  Fridge
  • Fully enclosed shower
  • Upper storage cabinets
  • Tri-Max Folding bed system
  • Stage 3 L-track package with braced headliner mount L-Track
  • Espar Hydronic heating system with hot air and water
  • Outside shower
  • Swivel front seats
  • Porta potti with mount
  • RV style removable table

Electrical System

  • 200 amp hour lithium battery
  • Zamp Solar system, 180 watts
  • Shoreline power with 2000 Watt pure sine inverter
  • 22 Gallon interior mount fresh water tank

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