This conversion is perfect for two people looking to spend lots of time outdoors and have some of the same comforts from home. The panoramic windows offer plenty of natural light to brighten up the space and also give you some fantastic views during the day. When combining comfortable travel and entertaining area all in one, the Bridget exceeds all expectations.

This ADF Sprinter features two Lagun table mounts which makes it easy to move the tables out of the way and turn this dinette bench into a bed!
The padded upper cabinets allow for maximum storage, as well as protection from hitting your head on the bottom.
This ADF sprinter maximizes counter space with the use of natural wood butcher block.
The Isotherm Cruise 85 provides plenty of refridgerator room in this ADF Sprinter.
This ADF Sprinter provides an exterior flip-down table for outdoor entertaining and extra counter space!

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