The Jett design brings it all to the table with seating for 4, space to cook and do dishes, a place for all your gear, and storage space to spare. You would think this many features would require a 30′ motorhome! Not anymore

This ADF Sprinters campervan includes separate spaces for cooking and doing dishes. The fold down glass lids create usable counter space when you’re not making dinner
This ADF Sprinters campervan uses Flarespace window pop-outs to create a side to side sleeping space. The ability to sleep side to side allows us to use less interior space for the bed, and more for other necesities
This ADF Sprinters campervan has a folding sink with glass lid. Flip down the lid for usable counter space when you’re not brushing teeth or washing hands
This ADF Sprinters campervan has magnetic mount insulating curtains to keep your interior comfortable and the light out when you’re needing some sleep
This ADF Sprinters campervan has tons of storage space including these overhead cabinets with carpeted interior liners and hydraulic door stays
This ADF Sprinters campervan has 32″ of clearance below the bed so that you can fit bikes and any other gear you want to bring with
This ADF Sprinters campervan puts all electrical controls at your finger tips in one central location. Turn on your water pumps and check your battery in one spot
This ADF Sprinters campervan has a removable 2 passenger bench seat which is perfect for a group meal or space to work remote

Mercedes Sprinter Chassis

  • 2016 Mercedes-Benz  Sprinter Crew Van
  • 144″ Wheelbase
  • 2500 – 4×4
  • Diesel Power
  • 5000 Lbs towing capacity
  • Load-adaptive electronic stability
  • Attention assist
  • Cross-wind correction
  • Rearview camera
  • Optional collision prevention asssist
  • Optional Lane Keep Assist
  • Optional Blind Spot Assist

Metris Anacapa Exterior Features

  • ADF Sprinters custom aluminum roof rack
  • ADF Sprinters custom aluminum side ladder
  • Carefree awning
  • 50″ light bar
  • exterior scene light package
  • ADF Sprinters custom aluminum sidesteps
  • Exterior fold down table

Interior Features

  • Travels: 4
  • Sleeps: 2-4
  • Swivel front seats
  • Removable table
  • Kitchen cabinet with sink, propane cooktop, and fridge
  • Flarespace window pop-outs
  • removable platform bed
  • Magnetic mount insulating curtains
  • ADF Sprinters complete paneling kit
  • Lonseal floor
  • Heavy duty 3 layer thermo-acoustic insulation
  • L-track mounting system in garage
  • Upper storage cabinets
  • built in microwave

Electrical System

  • 100 Ah LiFePO4 battery under hood
  • Auxiliary battery charges off engine alternator
  • 2000 watt pure sine power inverter
  • shoreline power package
  • 110 and USB charging ports
  • LED puck lights throughout
  • Zamp Solar 180 watt kit

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