10 Vanlifers To Follow On Instagram

10 Vanlifers To Follow On Instagram

Instagram Vanlife Accounts

Even if you don’t follow Van Lifers on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve been acquainted with #VanLife. It’s the pictures looking out the back of the van, usually with wood paneling and an amazing mountainous view as a backdrop. That’s not always the case and for those who are really on the road full time they know it’s not all glitz & glam, it’s actually quite the opposite. But one thing for sure, it’s a lot of FUN.

We’ve put together our favorite 10 custom camper van accounts that we recommend you should follow. Please note, we converted almost all of these vans so we’re a little biased with your choices.

Adventure Van with the Fam – #1

What’s an Adventure Van? It’s a vehicle that’s ready to hit the road at any time and will support all your hobbies or activities. This family of four is always road tripping to different National Parks or exploring some cool new camping spot. They’re a great account to follow for travel destinations and family fun, plus their build isn’t a typical layout.

Instagram account: @afamwithavan

Road Tripping in a Camper Van – #2

Ever want to quite your job and travel around the United States for a year? Well that’s exactly what Austin and Sarah did after they got married last summer. They live full time in their converted Mercedes Sprinter 144 and have been living full time in their home on wheels. Their posts consist of remote hikes, long SUP paddles, tons of national parks and endless coffee shop visits. Give them a follow and click their story highlights to see a breakdown of all the top spots by state.

Instagram account: @travelandpaddle

Family Van Life – #3

If you’re looking for the ultimate camper van family, then look no further than this awesome family of three (almost 4) called So We Went. Their Sprinter conversion is picturesque but very functional as it has all the toys and add-ons – like this personal van swing . This account is a great resource for van life adventures and the gear needed. Check out their website where Margaux writes blogs about, how to make your van build kid-friendly and tips for backpacking with a baby.

Instagram account: @sowewent

Off Road Camper – #4

If you like getting dirty and are looking for some off-roading content, then check out this custom 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter. They’re from Santa Barbara but they travel throughout the West getting lost in BLM land. This is a good account to follow if you enjoy the road less traveled.

Instagram account: @rhinothevan

Camper Van Family Fun – #5

If you need to smile, laugh, or cheer up then make sure to follow this dad and his two daughters that designed their camper van named Moohah. Its family entrepreneurship crossed with positivity and they take the camper van to school dances, rock climbing adventures, camping excursions and snow trips. They sell camper van accessories through their company Moohah Creative and it’s very cool to watch Sean teach his daughters creativity and business through van life and social media.

Instagram account: @moohahvanadventures

Creative Studio on Wheels – #6

If you have a van life vision board then you should most definitely add any of Helen pictures to it. She is a content creator and marketing specialist who roams through different states working and exploring. Her Instagram account is made of up inspiring posts of her life through van life and work; Helen shares her thoughts on relative topics and encourages you to just be a better you. Take a detailed look at her van conversion and see why we absolutely love her design. If you like it so much, then you may be able to take it for a weekend as she also rents it out to photographers, artist and stylist.

Instagram account: @knowmadvan

Camper Van Conversions – #7

Yes, we’re recommending our own channel but if you’re into van conversions and adventure campers then this is the account to follow. We specialize in converting Mercedes Sprinters in addition to the mid-sized Metris and have been building them since 1987 – Way before it was cool. We are out of Los Angeles, CA and have served our clients all over the country. Give us a follow if you’re interested in getting ideas for your build or maybe a conversion down the line; We would love to hear your ideas. Send us an email – [email protected]

Instagram account: @adfspritners

This is our newest model the Anacapa Metris, a mid-sized pop top van –

Talking About Camper Vans – #8

If van life had a TV show it would probably be Van Talk; They meet up and shoot with an assortment of van lifers who live full or part time in their camper vans. They create and post stories of these individuals and tours of their custom camper vans. They also share some great products for DIY conversions and which conversion companies to work with.

Instagram account: @vantalk

Photography and Family – #9

An outdoor photographer who gets to travel the world in a converted sprinter might be a dream job for some of us. For others, it’s actually their life and that’s the case for Ashwin and Olivia who first lived out of a 4×4 truck and drove Mexico, Central and South America. Most recently they got a Mercedes Sprinter camper van and have been traveling through the US. They have a very homey build and you can see a detailed look at their camper van conversion. We recommend following this account to live vicariously through their escapes and gain some inspiration for your own trip.

Instagram account: @aatre

Your Source for Custom Camper Vans – #10

If you’re looking for an account with all the newest & freshest content, then you have to follow the Van Life Magazine. It’s literally a digital magazine which shares a ton of information for this industry and that is also posted on their Ins tagram account. When you follow, you’ll be the first to hear the stories, issues and people within the van life community.

Instagram Account: @Vanlife.Magazine

Celebrity Van Life – #11 (EXTRA)

If you grew up in the 90’s then you’re probably familiar with Jackass and if so, then you definitely know Wee Man. One thing you might have not known is how he now lives in a converted Mercedes sprinter van. Jason Acuna (aka Wee Man) sold his place in Malibu last year and bought a camper van to live out of; He now spends his days skating where ever he wants and traveling the US.

Instagram account: @iamweeman


There are hundreds more of vanlifers to follow and they all have very unique stories and builds to see. If you end up following all of these accounts, then your feed will be happily filled with amazing van life content to inspire or entertain you when needed. Also make sure to follow individual hashtags for more camper van content like – #campervanconversion #vanlifeideas #vanlife #customcampervans.

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