Who We Are

Automotive Designs & Fabrication at its core has always been a family-oriented company with our roots tracing back to the early days of the leisure camper van. Our decades of experience designing & fabricating commercial & luxury vehicles gave us the knowhow we needed to channel our inner explorers and develop our modern adventure vans.

Our Drive

We put your vision at the heart of our work, ensuring each conversion reflects your lifestyle and aspirations. As a small family business, our commitment to accessibility means delivering exceptional results without compromise, whether it’s for personal adventures or mobile vocation. Trust us to transform your dreams into reality, one van at a time.

Founded In 1988

Founded in 1988 in an 800 square foot building, Automotive Designs & Fabrication started off in the modification scene working on performance & offroad vehicles before entering the commercial space via limos & luxury transportation vehicles. We began specializing vehicles further for the entertainment industry with vans & vehicles designed for mobile broadcasting and high-speed filming.


Mobile Offices & Business Conversion

With the successes found building vehicles for the entertainment industry, we began working with the Mercedes Sprinter van for other commercial businesses such as mobile offices, barber shops, & pet grooming vans. Advances in battery density & solar power give mobile business vans full off-grid capabilities, allowing them the ability to serve customers in remote areas and across long distances. High-speed internet opened the door for true remote work and tele-medicine options for professionals to work remotely or and reach more people than ever before.

The First Adventure Van

Everything changed with the debut of the 4 wheel drive Sprinter van which opened up the possibilities for the next generation of camper vans to enter the marketplace. Combining the off-road capabilities of a large SUV with the customizable space of a camper van; 4WD Sprinters are the best of both worlds, allowing a more spacious, feature-heavy platform to adventure in.

New Conversion Facility - 20k sq

As demand for both adventure vans & commercial vehicles continued to soar, we found ourselves needing additional space to fabricate, build, & house more vans than ever before. In the early months of 2020, we moved to Simi Valley into our current 20,000 square foot shop space to continue to expand our widening range of van conversion capabilities.
father and son standing next to each other in frotn of a van being converted
Ron Weaver
Founder & Owner
father and son standing next to each other in frotn of a van being converted
Jeremiah Weaver
General Manager
Zach Spotlight
Zach Finn
Director of Marketing & Sales
Nick Mora
Nick Mora
Operations Manager
Ray Spotlight
Ray Weaver
Floor Foreman
Antonio Spotlight
Electrician Manager
Assembly Manager
Woodshop Manager
Jeff Dean
Parts Manager
Human Resources