6 Cool Facts About The Mercedes Metris Conversion

6 Cool Facts About The Mercedes Metris Conversion

The Mercedes Metris conversion also known as the Anacapa is the next step in mid-sized camper vans. At ADF we’ve been building out Sprinters for the past 10 years and most recently began building out the Mercedes Benz Metris too. When it comes to working efficiently, bigger isn’t always better and the Anacapa can rival most of the Sprinter build outs.

1) You can take it everywhere…Almost 

One of the most difficult aspects of living or traveling in a converted van is the ability to fit and park on the road. With larger vans, you will often stick out like a sore thumb when you try to be incognito. With the Anacapa, this is no longer a concern. The Anacapa is compact enough to be able to park in a parking garage and you can fit through the low hanging drive-thru’s. The Metris is the perfect vehicle if you want to stealth camp or boondock.

2) It has two beds 

The Metris conversion is the perfect van for fulltime vanlife or a weekend get-a-way. While the Metris looks compact from the exterior there is plenty of room inside the fully converted van. It holds the capability to have two separate beds where you can easily fit four adults’ comfortability. Whether your dog enjoys sprawling out solo on a queen-size bed, or you have a few friends joining the adventure this feature is perfect for any adventure.

3) Dual Sliding Doors 

Nothing can compare to the feeling of a nice cool cross breeze on a warm night. The dual sliding doors on the Metris is not only Instagram photo perfection, but it holds functional benefits such as ventilation when cooking and a natural air conditioner. Our favorite feature of the dual sliding doors is the ability to maneuver the kitchen faucet that is connected to the freshwater basin and create a pressurized outdoor shower.

4) A full kitchen 

One of the best features of The Anacapa is the full-functioning kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with a rotating freshwater faucet, dual propane burners, small 12 volt fridge, counter space, and sliding drawers for all of the essential utensils. The kitchen allows for home cooked meals on the road and is perfect for the adventures that stray away from city living.

5) A pop top roof 

The pop-top roof adds an additional 4 feet to the Anacapa’s height. With the additional space, you can freely walk around the van without feeling cramped or claustrophobic. The pop-top is where the additional loft bed is located when sleeping, it feels as if you are in a completely separate room from the lower bed. The versatileness of the pop-top ensures the low clearance when diving while preserving the additional space of a high roof van.

6) Features & Accessories 

The Anacapas features and accessories in this fully converted camper van are what makes us a step better than our competitors. The sleek design allows maximum space while keeping the cozy comfortable atmosphere. Every cabinet and drawer have been methodically thought out to provide the most efficient storage within a small space. The Victron Battery Monitor provides all the necessary details you need to provide accurate readings of the energy level in the van, so you are never stuck without electricity.

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