What Makes ADF Van Conversions Different

What Makes ADF Van Conversions Different

Let’s face it — figuring out which company should build out your Sprinter Van conversion is a big decision. 

When choosing a Sprinter Van conversion company, you want one that will offer quality craftsmanship, five-star customer service, a strong warranty, and has years of experience building out Sprinter Vans. Ultimately, you want a company you can trust in building your dream Sprinter Van conversion without a hassle or doubt. These exact reasons are why Automotive Designs and Fabrications (ADF Sprinters) is the best company to trust with your Sprinter Van conversion. 

4 Reasons Why ADF Van Conversions Are Different

1. The Quality Of Work

We (ADF Sprinters) have been working strictly on Sprinter vans since 2009, which is a lot longer than most van conversion companies. When finding the right company for a camper van conversion, longevity is essential. Since we let loose on the Sprinter chassis, we’ve mastered many different styles of builds, such as – adventure vansmobile offices, tour buses, limos, etc. This wide knowledge base from so many different projects has given us the skill to tackle your unique, custom van conversions with ease.  

Furthermore, our tenure as a van conversion company has provided us an expansive pool of experience to pull from. Simply put, we know what will and won’t work. Do you have a far-out idea for a bed system? We already know if it’s a good idea or not, because chances are we have done something similar in the past. Our knowledge base saves hours of your time when planning your dream conversion. Ultimately, our goal is to make your Sprinter Van conversion as beautiful as possible without sacrificing quality and functionality.  

adf van conversions2. The ADF Sprinters Experience

While quality and craftsmanship are incredibly important, the start to finish experience of working with a van conversion company is also crucial. ADF Sprinters is a family-run business  and we pride ourselves on customer service and an intimate design experience. As Sprinter van design specialists, we work closely with you to design the ultimate van conversion for your lifestyle and needs. Our customization options are nearly endless while our years of experience will keep your project on track to become a one-of-a-kind adventure van. 

When it comes to personalizing your van conversion, we know how to bring your vision to life. Do you have specific colors, tones, and textures in mind? We’ll work with you to create a camper van that matches your personality and style.

Another aspect of the ADF experience is our ability to produce nearly every component of your build in house. We are one of the few van conversion companies that have trained specialists for everything from woodwork to aluminum fabrication and seat upholstery. Since we do everything in-house, we have incredible freedom and flexibility to fine tune your conversion. We like to call it a start-to-finish solution. 

A few of the specialties we conquer in house:

  • Roof racks
  • Aluminum & steel fabrication (MIG and TIG)
  • Flat panel upholstery 
  • Seat upholstery
  • Cabinets from scratch
  • Complete electrical systems 

adf sprinter van conversions3. Our Ties to Mercedes-Benz, Financing Options, & Warranty

ADF Sprinters is a Mercedes Master Upfitter. In other words, our van conversions will meet or exceed Mercedes-Benz standards for both quality and safety.  Essentially we have worked with Mercedes-Benz closely to ensure that our products receive their stamp of approval. This is a major factor to consider when belting your newborns carseat into your camper. 

Another major benefit of our Master Upfitter Approval through Mercedes-Benz is that it allows you to add a good chunk of your build costs into your financing with Mercedes-Benz Financial. It also means we  have close relationships with different Mercedes Benz dealerships and can more easily source more Sprinter Vans.

Once your van conversion is complete and you’re hitting the road, we offer a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty on everything we touch. If anything breaks, we will take care of you. We are also incredibly thoughtful about our systems and their interaction with the van chassis itself. This means that our work doesn’t void critical components of the vans warranty from Mercedes-Benz.

4. How ADF Sprinters’ Bed Systems Compare

One of the most important decisions you will have to make when designing your Sprinter Van conversion is your bed system. Your bed placement is key to the functionality of your van’s build-out. There is an assortment of design options to construct your camper van, and, trust us, we have built them all. While we are currently building the best sprinter van design layouts, we also like to think outside the box and construct our own blueprint. 

Most recently, we pioneered the Tri-Max bed that opens up the interior space of your van conversion. The Tri-Max bed has become a popular option in our newest camper van conversions. The bed system quickly and easily folds against one side of the van to open up the interior space. In fact, it’s very similar to how a murphy bed functions. This new feature stemmed from the urge to innovate and update the designs that make our vans great. Another camper van bed system our customers love is the pop-top feature on our Mercedes Metris Anacapa vans

adf sprinter van conversionWrapping Up: What Makes ADF Van Conversions Different

ADF Sprinters is an excellent option for your Sprinter Van conversion. We are different from other camper van conversion companies because we’ve been around longer than most, do everything in-house from start to finish, and have been family-owned and operated since our inception. If Mercedes-Benz can trust our work, so can you!

About Us

As a Mercedes-Benz Certified Expert Upfitter, ADF Sprinters has been perfecting the craft of van conversions since 2009.