Why A Mercedes Benz Metris Is The Most Suitable Camper Van

Why A Mercedes Benz Metris Is The Most Suitable Camper Van

Our Six Favorite Features of the Mercedes Benz Metris

Which make and model should you convert for your next home on wheels? Well at ADF, we’ve worked on almost every model van and from our years of experience we’ve found that Mercedes have the best base for building. Most recently the Mercedes Metris has gotten a lot of attention which is why we broken down the main reasons why this model is the best mid-sized van to convert.

The Safety

While safety is not always at the forefront of your mind when choosing a converted van, we can assure you that the Mercedes Metris is one of the tops of its class. Mercedes is known for the high quality of the build along with several additional safety features. The Metris is always equipped with crosswind assist, driver attention assists, adaptive stability, a rearview camera, rescue assist along with several other optional safety add-ons to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Due to the low profile of the van, there is additional stability and comfortability when driving your home on wheels.

Driving Ability

Since the majority of adVANturing is driving on the road and exploring new destinations, having a vehicle that maneuvers and functions well in all conditions is desired. The Mercedes Metris has a 7- speed automatic transmission, that allows the van to go 0 to 60 in 8 seconds. With an average of 22 miles per gallon, you have more miles to explore the open road with less fill-ups and more money in your pocket.

2019 Mercedes Benz Metris

All the Space

One of the main reasons to go with the Mercedes Metris is the compact ability while driving, and the high-roof option when parked. The Anacapa conversion is the perfect addition to your Mercedes Benz Mertis, this pop-top roof allows for additional height along with an extensive amount of room. The high line trim of the Metris allowed us to maximize space inside to add shelfs and storage.

The Pricing

A pre-owned Mercedes Benz Metris will cost around $20,000, while a brand-new vehicle will set you back around $34,000. When compared to other conversion, the Metris is one of the most financially cost- effective builds.

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Towing Factor

While the mid-sized Metris van has enough space to store all of your personal belongings, the towing feature will allow you to bring along any additional toys you may need. The maximum towing capacity of the Metris is 5,000 pounds so you have the capacity to pull your jet ski, boat or even your friends in their Airstream trailer. Fun fact, it has the same towing capability as the Mercedes Sprinter.

Two Back Doors

When purchasing a new Metris you’ll have the option between the two side-hinged rear doors and the single top-hinged liftgate for the back of the van. Both doors allow access to the rear to load your necessary camping essentials or access to the additional storage. The benefit of the liftgate is a single door, the large door panel which can be used as a sunshade, an awning for a bug net, and a full rear window when driving. The two side-hinged doors are perfect for an additional partial cross breeze, easy access to the side rear without disturbing the full setup, and the180 degree hinged door for the most picturesque indoor-outdoor photos.

Mercedes Benz Metris Camper

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