6 Signs You Need A Camper Van

6 Signs You Need A Camper Van

Are you a Vanlifer?

You’re more than likely have some kind of affinity towards camper vans if you’re reading this blog and have probably contemplated starting your own van life at some point. But the question is, are these just hopes and dreams or could your life seriously benefit from owning a Ford, Dodge or Sprinter camper van? From being in this industry since 1987 we’ve come see reoccurring patterns of behavior and put together this list to see if you have the potential to be a van lifer or not.

#1 You enjoy the outdoors more than the indoors

Yes, we all love to be outside but I’m talking to those hiking, paddling, hunting, biking and exploring folks. You get charged by nature and once you get back from your adventure you are itching to get back out.

The point of a converted van is to live outside not inside of it; It’s for your transportation and housing so you can be closer to the places that you love most. For a lot of us, our favorite sources of entertainment & relaxation is in nature and that may be away from our home. Thus, getting a vehicle to fill those voids could be super beneficial to our happiness.

#2 You considered camping a vacation

Have you made a camping reservation more than 2 months out before? If so, your enjoyment of staying outdoors is important enough to secure spot months in advance. If you have chosen to spend your PTO in Nature, then you probably want to do this more frequently.

With a camper van you can pick up and leave at any point because the van is all ready to go. It’s designed to house all the gear for your hobbies so you can leave without much notice. Your home state probably has some amazing destinations but check out The Best Places to Take a Van Road Trip.

#3 You’ve slept in your car and enjoyed it

No, crashing in your car because you couldn’t drive home doesn’t count. We’re talking about doing a make-shift bed or sleeping in the back seat because you wanted to do an early morning hike or surf. You may not have a converted van but you’ve called it camper and thoroughly enjoyed it – You’ve may even had a van rental and liked it. These are all signs that a home on wheels is in your wheel house. Pun, get it.

Having a home on wheels is a huge step up from the camping mattress in the back of your Subaru. For most it’s a bed, stove, fridge and maybe a toilette, so living out of your van isn’t as hard as it may sound.

#4 You own a National Parks pass

The only reason you would ever get an America is Beautiful Pass is if you’re intending to visit one of the parks multiple times and that is a good sign you are an outdoor enthusiast. There are 58 National Parks in the US and for the most part the surrounding area is also intriguing.

One of the most difficult parts about visiting these parks is the difficultly in making a camping reservation or the expensive hotels. When you have a camper van, you have options; You can stay in BLM land outside the park, stay overnight at a Walmart or maybe score a canceled reservation. No more stress of not having a place to stay at night.

#5 You follow at least three van life accounts

It may have started because you enjoyed their beautiful pictures of all the places they are traveling too but now it has turned into a vision board where you are getting camper van ideas. Or maybe you’ve found yourself down the van life rabbit hole and envisioned you leaving your job to become a digital nomad.

If you haven’t, here are 10 Van Lifers to Follow on Instagram to get you started. There’s over 290,000 hashtags for #vanlifeideas and over 420,000 #vanconversion so between the two of those you’ll be able to get some ideas for your own. We also post a lot of great builds and advice on our Instagram.

#6 You read the entire list

If you made it down to the bottom of this list, that means you are looking for behaviors that align with yours. You want a camper van so bad that want the reassurance to get one. Well, there is no better time than now to get started or plan for the future. It may be a big decision but the rewards are well worth it.

Now what?

Well, we’ve come to the conclusion that you need a camper van so now it’s time to find a conversion company to build your van. Or maybe you want to take it into your own hands. In any case, there are some great resources about DIY conversions here and we also offer parts & kits for van conversions here.

Lastly, here’s some great articles about the Finding the Right Conversion Camper Van Conversion Company and another one about what to ask yourself before your first camper van.

Please reach out to use when you’re ready to start your build. [email protected]

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