The Metris Anacapa is ADF Sprinters modern take on the classic Westfalia design. This Metris camper van brings you the comfort and safety expected from Mercedes-Benz with the classic functionality and brand new features to make your experience that much better

ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa includes an oversized cupboard for pantry items and dishes
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa’s floor to ceiling cabinet provides isolated storage spaces for closet items and even your favorite games!
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa includes under sink storage space for oversized items, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous necessities
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa electrical control panel puts battery charge information at your fingertips via the Victron Monitor. USB and 12V charging ports give you plenty of power for your devices
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa’s two passenger bench seat provides safe seating with 3 point seatbelts while also folding compeltely flat into a bed sufficient for two.
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa provides shade and panoramic views with its optional tailgate style rear hatch
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa’s quick access storage compartment is a perfect place to store your leveling blocks, water filter, and campsite lamps
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa has a class leading 18 gallon fresh water tank. Don’t fret taking that extra shower if you want!
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa takes advantage of all available storage space. This slot runs the width of the cabinet and houses QTY:2 Front Runner Cub Pack gear boxes.
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa has segregated storage spaces for closet and pantry items. Keeping your clothes clean in the event of an olive oil mishap
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa has a freestanding memory foam topped ottoman which meets up with the fold flat bench seat to make a full length bed. It folds up easily in case you want to store oversize items behind the seat, like a bike
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa has a specially designed powered sofa bed which has 12″ of forward/back travel. Move it forward for extra cargo space, or backwards for more standing room up front
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa is built on a passenger van chassis which provides AC/heat ducting to the rear for your extra passengers. Another benefit of this platform is the modern safety of side curtain airbags
ADF Sprinters Metris Anacapa takes full advantage of it’s dual sliding doors. Open the drivers side slider for an abundance of fresh air while cooking or working. The outside drop down table is a convenient space to dry your dishes
ADF Sprinters’ Metris Anacapa uses a dual burner propane cooktop for reliable and efficient cooking. The counter height works well while inside the van, or standing outside the dual sliding door
ADF Sprinters’ Metris Anacapa has a pull out faucet which is perfect for both washing dishes or taking a quick shower
ADF Sprinters’ Metris Anacapa has an electrical control panel that’s always at your service. The Victron battery monitor gives you accurate readouts of your AUX battery charge while the charging ports keep your devices at 100%
ADF Sprinters’ Metris Anacapa has multiple charging points for all of your devices, accessories, and tools. A 12V and dual USB port is located at the front while an additional 12V socket is located in the cargo area behind the bench seat
ADF Sprinters’ Metris Anacapa has a lofted upper bunk built into the pop-top. This bed can raise up to the roof for plenty of standing space to move about the van during the day

Mercedes Metris

  • Mercedes-Benz  Metris Passenger Van Base
  • 126″ Wheelbase
  • Gasoline Power
  • 208 Horsepower
  • 258 Lb-Ft Torque
  • 5000 Lbs towing capacity
  • Rear wheel drive
  • 18.49 gallon fuel tank
  • 20-22 MPG average
  • Load-adaptive electronic stability
  • Attention assist
  • Cross-wind correction
  • Rearview camera
  • Optional collision prevention asssist
  • Optional Lane Keep Assist
  • Optional Blind Spot Assist

Metris Anacapa Exterior Features

  • Roll-over tested SCA Pop Top
  • Dual sliding doors
  • Rear barn doors
  • Optional rear tailgate
  • Optional lift kit
  • Optional flare and trim kit
  • Optional venting windows
  • Optional exterior lighting package

Metris Anacapa Interior Features

  • Travels: 4
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Complete side curtain airbag system
  • Rear HVAC ducting
  • Swiveling front passenger seat
  • Fold-flat rear bench seat with ottoman extension
  • Kitchenette with sink and dual burner propane cooktop
  • 12 V Fridge
  • Aux battery
  • 12v and USB charging ports
  • 18 Gallon fresh water tank
  • 5 Gallon grey water tank
  • Floor to ceiling cabinetry with segregated pantry, closet, and gear storage
  • QTY: 2 FrontRunner Cub Pack storage boxes
  • Exterior fold down table
  • Removable heavy duty carpet mats
  • Optional Lagun mount rear table
  • Optional insulating curtain kit
  • Optional venting windows
  • Optional drivers side swivel base

Metris Anacapa Electrical

  • Auxiliary battery charges off engine alternator
  • 12 volt charging ports at front and rear
  • USB charging ports
  • Electric water pump
  • Zamp Solar portable panel hookup port
  • Optional Zamp Solar portable solar panel
  • Optional power inverter
  • Optional shoreline power hookup

Metris Anacapa Camper Vans Available For Sale