My Weekend In The Metris Anacapa

My Weekend In The Metris Anacapa

We all have that desire for freedom, ability to roam, and comfortability of a home. I was able to find just that with my weekend getaway in a Mercedes Metris Anacapa.

For the longest time, I wanted to take a trip to visit Big Bear Lake. I’ve heard so many great things about the town, the activities on the lake, and the breathtaking views from any of the numerous hikes. But it can be quite a tourist attraction. Having a nomadic side to me, I knew that staying in a hotel was not the experience that I would want for this trip. I was eager to be off-grid and self-contained. Doing some research I came across Automotive Design and Fabrication. This company had three different styles of Metris builds that they rent out! I chose to rent out the Anacapa because it was basically like a little home on wheels!

Even being the size of a minivan, the Anacapa had so much space! And it had everything you would need to comfortably be off grid! There was a pop-top with an extra bed (it could sleep four people!), and if the bed is not in use you could push the platform up to have more than 6 feet of standing room. The Anacapa also came fully equipped with a sink, a fridge, a stove, and storage for my clothes! I know this sounds like a lot in one small space, but let me tell you, ADF did an amazing job at making the best use of the area! There are also sliding doors on both sides of the Metris! I took full advantage of this feature when parked next to the lake and want to take in the whole view. It also allowed me to use the sink faucet as an outdoor shower, talk about convenience!

Throughout this weekend I never once wished that I had just gotten a hotel instead of the Anacapa. I felt so comfortable in this tiny home on wheels!

Some people would prefer an RV or a trailer camper, which is great but they are definitely harder for me to drive. The Metris drove just like a regular car and it even fit in my garage! I was able to drive down a small, unpaved road to find the perfect camping spot off the beaten path. It would have been extremely difficult to take an RV down that road, but for me it was no problem.

Not only was it easy to drive, but even the gas mileage was incredible! I was getting more than 20 mpg, even driving through the narrow, winding roads to get to the lake!

My weekend getaway in the Metris camper was the exact experience that I was hoping for! I was able to take in all that the adventure had to offer me. I’m looking forward to renting out the other Metris builds that ADF offers also! Nothing quite like life on the road in a Mercedes Metris.

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