You get to see our pictures, social media, and video tours but what if you want to hop into one of our conversions and see our craftsmanship first hand? 

Where to Find Van Expo Near Me

Outside Adventure Expo

Back in June, we went to the Outside Adventure Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was a great event for off-road, outdoor, and overland travel enthusiasts. We brought one of our newest 2020 Sprinter rentals and our favorite Metris conversion, the Anacapa. This mid-sized campervan stood out at this expo by being one of the only vehicles that can fit in your garage! We also brought a head-turning 2019 170” 4×4 sprinter van to the Adventure Ride Showcase. This van had stunning countertops, beautiful cabinetry, and a unique layout that was a big hit!

Adventure Van Expo

  • Date: 6/18 – 6/19 
  • Location: Lake Tahoe, California 
  • Cost: FREE 
  • Website:

The Adventure Van Expo is a 7 show series that travels through the west coast, we are lucky enough to attend a few of these expos! The Lake Tahoe Expo will be focused on adventure vans from tons of vendors in the area but will also include 4×4 trucks, campers, and everything adventure. If you are in the area stop by, grab a beer, enjoy a workshop, and meet tons of fellow adventure enthusiasts!

Off-Road Expo

  • Date: 10/9 – 10/10 
  • Location: Ontario, California 
  • Cost: FREE 
  • Website:

The Off-Road Expo presented by General Tire will feature way more than just adventure vans! This event will feature hundreds of vendors in the industry including vans, off-road companies, overland vehicles, and sand sports. Fans will also be able to talk to some very knowledgeable people in the industry and shop parts and equipment. This is an expo you do not want to miss! 

Adventure Van Expo

Big Bear is the last venue of the Adventure Van Expo. This is an amazing venue at a great location that has hiking, biking, and off-road trails. Just like the other venues, this expo will focus on vans but will include other overland rigs. They will also be featuring workshops, product demonstrations, and of course food, beer, and wine. Own a van of your own? Get there early and park in “Van Row”. It is first come first serve!

Can’t Make Any Of These Events?

We get it, your life is busy, and as much as you may want to make it to one of these events it may just not work. Well, you are in luck! ADF has a rental fleet, head over to our rental page and books a weekend that works for you. This also allows you to sleep, relax, and show off these vehicles to your friends before buying, along with giving you a first-hand experience of #vanlife. If you love it so much and need one of these adventure vans for yourself, your entire rental cost can be transferred to the deposit of your full build!