6 Benefits Of Owning A Campervan

6 Benefits Of Owning A Campervan

Owning a campervan is extremely popular right now! You’ve likely seen them on the road, at the beach, and scattered throughout every National and State Park in the country. This growing popularity is fueled by the benefits they bring to each person’s life and the enjoyment of owning one. Campervans have allowed people to work remotely in some of the most beautiful locations, they’ve given families a comfortable travel vehicle, and most of all, they are designed to support your ideal lifestyle on the road. This article goes over the primary reasons campervans have become so beneficial to all types of individuals and families. 

They’re Conducive To Your Lifestyle 

What’s exciting about owning a custom campervan versus an RV, or prefabricated campervan is that there is no such thing as just one layout. So whether you’re a family of 6 looking to travel to campgrounds on the weekend while also taking the soccer team to practice during the week, we have a layout for you. Just like we have a layout for the solo traveler who loves to spend their morning surfing. 

Your van will be your home on wheels, so building something comfortable and to your taste is an essential step in the design process. A campervan conversion that brings value to your lifestyle is most important, so finding the appropriate features for the build is crucial. For example, a family-friendly conversion might not need a shower, but someone exploring remote locations could benefit from having one. To learn about other features that could be beneficial to your build, read our blog, How To Design A Campervan Around Your Lifestyle. 

Two Campervan conversionYou Can Travel Anywhere In A Campervan

Well, almost anywhere! While there are many places and terrains that your campervan may not access because of clearance or having 2WD, you can pretty much travel anywhere accessible by a 4×4 vehicle – If you have one. Having a 4WD van allows you to visit more destinations along your route and take more opportunities to enjoy beautiful, desolate places that you wouldn’t have gone to because you don’t have all the essentials in a car or truck. 

When flying into a destination, you’re limited to where an Uber can drive or are restricted to the rental car terms and conditions – Which will usually state that rental vehicles can only be operated on regularly maintained roads. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a great vacation if you choose to travel this way, but it does limit where you can go and what you can see. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what destinations a campervan can handle, then check out a few of our favorite places to visit. From the desert to the mountains, your opportunities are endless. We created a 3-day itinerary for where to stay, what to see, and the best places to eat in each of these locations. 

Campervan in Big SurThey’re The Ultimate Family Vehicle

When traveling as a family, you don’t need a campervan. In fact, there are several SUVs and minivan options that offer an incredible amount of space for your family and gear. Still, none will be entirely conducive to your family’s lifestyle. With several layouts, fabrications, and features available, your van can be just as unique as your family and the adventures you plan to go on. 

When in a campervan, you can also bring as much gear as you need to make traveling with your family as comfortable and fun as a road trip can be! If that means bringing toys, books, snacks, and more, you have the space to do so. One family that does this right is SoWeWent. As a family of four and traveling with toddlers, they’ve created a van that is comfortable for themselves and their children. Check out their Instagram to see all their travel hacks and get insight on great family-friendly trails for you to enjoy with your own! 

If you’re still unsure if choosing a campervan for your family is the best choice, read our blog, The Fundamentals Of Family Travel. We showcase specific family-friendly builds, travel tips, and great destinations for all ages. 

Two family campervansIt’s An Affordable Way Of Travel 

On average, the cost of a traditional vacation for a family of four is $4,580. This price includes transportation, food, lodging, entertainment, and more. Still, this price may even increase if you are traveling during peak seasons or choosing to travel to more remote locations, where several of America’s National Parks are. 

When choosing to travel in a campervan, you can find yourself sticking to a comfortable budget as you only need to pay for gas and food. Several people choose to camp on BLM land and enjoy the serenity of their destination. Still, if you opted for an established campground with running water, bathrooms, and activities for kids, this would be a fraction of the cost to a hotel. Just be sure to stay up to date with local campground regulations and check in regularly for available sites as some campgrounds book up to 6 months in advance. Check reservation status, campground availability, and more at Recreation.gov.

To help show the difference in cost between travel accommodations, we use Redwood National Park over the fourth of July weekend as an example. Here, you can see the prices you would expect for a three-night stay if traveling round-trip from Los Angeles as a family of four. 

*The pricing gathered below was selected from a range of modest accommodations and national averages for traveling families of four and can change based on your accommodation needs.*

Traveling via CampervanTraveling Via Plane: 
Gas: $273.00 Round Trip Plane Fare To Redding, CA: $1,700.00
Campground Fee: $105Uber to LAX: $60
Groceries: $250Car Rental: $214
Redwood National Park Fee: $0 Accommodations: $477
Meals: $800
Redwood National Park Fee: $0 
Total: $628.00Total: $3,251.00

Travel With The Comforts Of Home

What’s comforting about traveling in a campervan is that you get to create a second home that gets to travel with you. Traveling to new destinations can be overwhelming, even if it’s one you’ve been excited about. Still, unlike traveling by plane or car, you have the option to create a comfortable space for yourself that can provide you with everything you need. 

Some easy ways to do this is by adding a few items from your home! That means choosing blankets in exchange for sleeping bags, small plants, pictures, candles, and even pets when appropriate! Almost all National Parks and State Parks allow pets to enter and explore with you, so bring your four-legged friend along and let them provide the comfort that pets do! Just be sure to follow any regulations and rules as they can change from park to park. 

Home Comforts in Conversion It Doubles As A Daily Driver & Mobile Office When Not Traveling

We’ve touched on it previously, but campervans are no longer just for camping. In a boom of remote working and an increase in minimalistic living, many professionals and families are turning to campervans to be the vehicle that rules them all. When building a custom van conversion, you have the choice to designate specific areas to work, sleep and even provide additional seating for when you want to drive the whole family! Your conversion should be just as adaptable as you are to make it an excellent investment for both your weekend travels and ordinary day-to-day adventures.  

The Helen is one of our favorite conversions and perfect for remote camping and everyday driving. This conversion offers a comfortable way to travel eleven people and sleep two but turns into a large mobile office. To watch the full conversion video, click here

The benefits of a campervan don’t stop here, but as you can see, there are several great reasons to inquire about owning one. If you are eager to learn more about the conversion process, reach out to our team at [email protected], and they will tell you everything you need to know!

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