Mobile Office Vans – What You Need To Know

Mobile Office Vans – What You Need To Know

Here at ADF Sprinters we design and build a variety of Sprinter Van Conversions. Many of those have been retrofitted to be “mobile office” friendly and others built specifically as a business on wheels. This article goes into the differences in the uses, design, and van conversion features. 

Mobile Office Van vs. Mobile Business

Yes, technically a mobile office van is a mobile business, but there are key differences. The mobile business is going to be a van devoted to nothing but a specialized task or job. Think mobile barbershop or locksmith van. Differentiate this from a mobile office, which is a more lenient definition of “working remote.”

Mobile Office Van will be equipped to conduct your daily business. This might include a desk and computer stand, or even a dedicated workspace in the more specialized versions. Often times the office component of this van is dual purpose, with capabilities as both an office and a recreational vehicle. Work-life balance, right?

Mobile Business is a van that is converted to be a more dedicated ode to one’s practice. These vans will put more focus on the business up front, and a little less on the party outback. Although the mullet isn’t as prominent in these cases, it’s still possible for owners to get some mixed-use. Check out this tailgater for example:

No matter what your intention with this work-life balance on wheels, look here to See how to finance a van conversion  

The Benefits of A Sprinter Van Mobile Office 

Working from home is much more common these days, in fact, 1 in 4 Americans are already working remotely. More and more companies are moving towards working outside of the office and offer a more flexible living arrangement. That being said, working from home doesn’t necessarily mean home. Widely available Wifi, growing mobile service strength, and the ability to run your computer off a hot spot have allowed working from a camper van is more in reach than you might think. With the opportunity to now work remotely, your office can constantly change which will help with creativity and energy levels – Your job won’t change but your perspective will.

If you plan on working out of your campervan, then you’ll want to make sure that your Sprinter conversion is outfitted with some basic features to make working remotely possible. Those mobile office details may include a dedicated workspace area, charging stations, and accessories that will maximize the functionality of your business. Having a versatile van allows it to be a daily driver and mobile office that you can also take on any adventure! 

Features you’ll want in your mobile office camper van conversion – 

  • Dedicated wifi 
  • Ample workspace area 
  • Comfortable seating & setup
  • Potentially Air Conditioning
  • Sufficient power for electronics 

Here are some tips for working remotely in a camper van in 2021

Sprinter van mobile officeA Dedicated Office Van 

A mobile office van can drive your business to the next level and expand your operations. By making your workspace completely mobile you can travel more frequently and also have a comfortable workspace anywhere you want. Our converted offices typically come with custom leather chairs, lots of table space, WiFi, and electronics so you can stay connected at all times. These high-end mobile office workspaces are common for executives, celebrities, and dignitaries but many others can benefit from this van conversion. For instance, we’ve seen some businesses use these to entertain clients, commuting between regional offices and even traveling in style with their families to events. 

We’ve built a variety of executive mobile office vans, all of which typically have high-end furnishing, lots of monitors, a private bathroom, and all the electronics you need to stay connected to while on the road. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the most commonly used model for these types of mobile office conversions because of its reliability and elevated design. 

Sprinter mobile office vanTypes of Mobile Businesses 

A mobile business by definition is a business that is not operated from a permanent structure. Similar to other mobile businesses like limos, food trucks, and moving services, the vehicle is a key part of the operation. A mobile business can not only increase the functionality of their business but also expand your operations, reach new clients, and grow your company. 

Could your business go mobile? A number of small businesses in an assortment of industries are saying it is most certainly a possibility. Not only is it a more cost-effective alternative to renting a brick-and-mortar office but it also allows you to build up assets of the business. Converting a Mercedes Sprinter into a mobile office can diversify and improve upon your existing service or product. There are a number of small businesses that can go mobile, we’ve even seen our clients rent out their camper vans when they aren’t using them to make some extra money. Since the beginning (2008) we’ve converted custom applications tailored to the specific businesses and have done everything from a stock trading office, construction headquarters, private executive office, veterinarians, and barbershops. Here are a few others – 

The Color Space Van is the most versatile motion picture vehicle ever! We converted this 170″ extended wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Diesel into a mobile editing studio that you can ingest, monitor, color, and edit video on-board with the latest imaging technology.

We built this urgent care Sprinter van conversion that allows for quick and easy access to get to patients in need. There is plenty of storage for any and all medical equipment. The spatial area creates a comfortable work area to provide the best experience for these patients. 

mobile x-ray office van that allows for on-the-go x-rays. The build consists of the medical equipment needed for x-rays, as well as a safety wall distancing from the machines. A curtain and wall is also provided to separate the cab of the van from the rest of the office! 

Take a look at the mobile dentist with a sprinter conversion who meets clients wherever they are.

Mobile office van for saleRemote Work or Work Remote

Adventure van conversions are what we have been specializing in the most recent years. These are 4×4 Sprinter Vans that are built to go on Overlanding trips and to desolate dispersed camping locations where you can avoid the crowds. These off-grid adventure vans have the capability to be mobile office vans which makes them the perfect choice when you want to get away but still have work to do. Remember, you can have an office van anywhere but you can’t have an office anywhere.

Many campervans make use of a cell signal booster built into their mobile office. Keep in mind that a cell booster will only strengthen your service, not create wireless internet. Those looking for a more extensive mobile WiFi setup can look to companies like Cradlepoint who make cell-based Wifi modems and routers. These will use an activated cell “data only” plan to provide you internet access wherever you have a cell signal. Looking into the future, services like Starlink are more geared towards satellite-based WiFi solutions. There are some kinks with this though, as Starlink isn’t quite mobile at this time. You will need to register it to a specific address and only access it there. However, as of late the company filed with the FCC to grant them approval to produce Earth Stations in Motion or ESIM – So we’re pretty close to getting internet everywhere! 

mobile office vanWhere to Get A Sprinter Van Mobile Office Conversion  

If all of this is getting you thinking about creating a Sprinter mobile office van, please reach out to [email protected] and we’d love to walk you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and see if we can help out with the van conversion. Also, if you are serious you might want to read our blog about, 4 Things to Know Before Converting Converting in addition to reading What Makes ADF Van Conversion Different

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